Our FRUIT OPTIONS are designed so you can get more of what you want in your Veg Box selection. Simply choose which size FRUIT OPTION most suits your needs and appetite to compliment your chosen Veg Box. The same as our Veg Boxes, the Fruit will be selected according to Seasonal Availability and will include ONLY UK varieties, sourced LOCALLY in the first instance. 


SMALL £2.50

1-2 items/portions

A smaller portion, ideal for 1-2 servings.

MEDIUM £3.00

1-2 items/portions

A slightly larger portion than the SMALL OPTION, ideal for 2-3 servings and higher value items when in season

LARGE £3.50

1-3 items/portions

A larger portion than the MEDIUM OPTION, ideal for 3-4 servings with more variety and higher value items when in season

* FRUIT OPTIONS are offered along with a Veg Box order and are not available separately *